single flower in each of three vases on display
glass vase
a single flower in glass bud vases
blue polka dotted vase on zoom
blue dotted pattern is magnified in water
green blue polka dot vase on display
green bud vase on close up
red glass bud vase on display
red dotted pattern magnified in water
yellow dots glass vase with blue flower
yellow polka dots glass bud vase on display

Colourful Polka Dot Vase

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Have you ever been given a little flower from your children and wondered where you put it? These fun bud vases are perfect to hold a single short stem flower. They have got  stable bases, too. They can be placed in a hall table or near a window for catching a sunlight.

A clear glass tube is decorated with a thin piece of glass stringer in a hot flame and hand blown to shape. These dots magnify when water is inside of the vase in which even make more fun to look at.

A nature of this type of glass is tough, heat resistance, and dishwasher safe. Great for a daily use and easy maintenance.

It is also a perfect gift to someone who has got everything already! Comes with a box so travels safe - a perfect souvenir, too. It will be delivered to your door safely.

The size is approximately: top to bottom 5.8cm,  widest, 4.5cm, base 3cm,  rim 1.8cm in diameter.

*please note that a nature of hand crafted product, a pattern, size and shape will be   likely to differ from this image.