About the Maker

 glass blowing with torch  a person dancing background of Mountain Mt. Cook            photographed by: Sue Titmuss


STUDIO A & Co: Glass, Jewellery & Craft Works is the creation of Eiko Kawaguchi. Eiko creates jewellery and unique tableware in glass.

Eiko was born and raised in Japan. During a holiday in Australia in 1997, she saw and fell in love with a perfume bottle exquisitely hand made in glass. Her artistic journey had begun and she set out to learn master the glass arts.

She trained in glass blowing at Tokyo Glass Art Institute. Back in Australia in 1999 she met, learnt from and worked with many creative exponents working in glass. Moving to New Zealand in 2001, she attended a lampworking workshop (working glass with a torch) before setting up a home studio with a help from Michael her significant other. 

Eiko's career encompasses glass bead Jewellery making and she has explored the use of heat resistant glass (borosilicate glass) and to create a wide range of jewellery and blown vessels.

In June 2011, STUDIO A & Co: Glass, Jewellery & Craft Works opened as a glass artist studio and retail store. It is housed in the historic 'Mill' Complex, Waikuku in North Canterbury,New Zealand.   

                    tools are placed on a working bench                                                                                                       

About the work                                                                                              

Studio time involves creating glass beads and blowing glass objects using a lampworking torch. Eiko loves experimenting with colors and enjoys applying techniques like bead making, glass blowing, fusing, engraving and cold working to make each work unique and give it true, artistic depth. Found objects and other materials, such as selected sand grains or woven flax are often incorporated into her jewellery. Inspiration comes from the bright, crisp New Zealand landscape, especially the countryside, river and beach near Eiko's home. She is strongly influenced by Japanese minimalism.

The glass vessels are designed for practical use and are inspired by everyday life. They are microwaveable and heat resistant- perfect for hot or cold drinks and practical use.

STUDIO A & Co work is distributed into selected outlets within New Zealand and Japan. They are also available online and can be delivered to your door.