Thank you very much for all of your support.

The studio is having a busy season. Thank you very much for all of your support throughout the year. We couldn't be here for 6 and half years without you! Safe holidays and best wish for 2018.

 These penguins are now sold at Min Kim Fine Art Gallery, the Arts Centre, Christchurch.

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30th Anniversary gift to customers of New Zealand Wedding Services Ltd / ニュージーランド ウエディング サービス様の30周年記念品を制作させて頂きます

It is a big mile stone for any company to be in business for a long time. New Zealand Wedding Services Ltd. has been producing memorable weddings in New Zealand for their clients for 30 years. Any couple who book their service this year will receive their 30th anniversary gift. We are honored to create their 30th anniversary gift this year.

ニュージーランドで思い出深い結婚式の斡旋、手配をされている、ニュージーランド ウエディング サービス社が今年で30周年を迎えられます。この特別な年に、ウエディングのご予約をされた方への30周年記念品を、私共のスタジオで制作させて頂くことになりました。


今年挙式をお考えの方は是非ニュージーランド ウエディング サービス社のウエブサイトで詳細をご覧ください。


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Opening Hours / 年末年始の営業日


Thank you very much for your support throughout the year. The studio became 5 years old this year. We appreciate for your business! 

We will be opening until 24th December.

Close for 25th & 26th December.

Open again from 27th to 31st December.

Close for New Year and 2nd January.

Normal hours from 3rd January 2017.

Merry Christmas and safe holiday. Best wishes for 2017!



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Arts Canterbury exhibition is on / カンタベリー展覧会はじまりました

Arts Canterbury exhibition is on at Arts in Oxford gallery which is about 30 minutes drive from Christchurch. We can browse all sorts of mediums of art at this annual event. We are participating with glass blowing vessels this time. They are made for a daily use; good for microwave and dishwasher. The exhibition will be running until the 4th of December.

カンタベリー州の芸術家たちの展覧会がクライストチャーチ郊外のアーツ イン オクスフォードで開催中です。毎年恒例となったこの展覧会では絵画、彫刻、彫金、陶芸、ガラスなど色々な作品が出展されています。今回、私たちは普段使いの吹きガラス主体の作品を出展しています。展覧会は12月4日まで開催中です。

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Handmade In Japan Fes 2016/ハンドメイドインジャパンフェス2016

Studio A & Co. participated the 2 days annual craft market in Tokyo last month of July for the first time. 5000 stall holders and 54,000 people came along to the Tokyo Big Sight. There are lots of smile, familiar faces and sales to share. We have met lots of enthusiastic craft men and women there, too. We enjoyed their company so much. All our hard work in preparation has paid off. Hope to join this annual market next year.
日本のクラフトマーケットに出店は初めてのことだったので、試行錯誤でしたが、機材を制作してきてくれた夫と、強力なマーケティング マネージャーの母の応援もあり、大成功でした。ご入場くださった皆さん、本当にありがとうございました。
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