Thank you so much for your support throughout the another year!

I just would like to say THANK YOU so much for all of your continuous support over this crazy year. 2021 was the another tough year for all of us, many of small businesses like mine and any businesses over the world. I am so proud of saying my business is still standing strong and being discovered by many New Zealanders in this difficult time. I produced over hundreds of my vases as well as glass jewellery this year and distributed through not only in my studio but also retail stores nationwide and online stores.

Simply, I could not create what I love without your support. Huge thank you to my repeating customers as well as new customers, friends and people who promoted my glass creation over the year. I will work harder to keep my products fresh and to improve my torch skill a wee bit more next year. I will try at least! So hopefully you can continue to support me for 2022. 

Have fabulous holidays and hope we can all return to our lives smiling. 

Happy New Year!


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