New Zealand is moving to Covid-19 Alert Level 2


Finally, we have moved to Level 2 today in New Zealand! The studio is opened from 10 am today. It will be good to see customers face to face.

Still, there are some restrictions. In needing of 1 m distance between customers, only 1 bubble can be in the studio as it is the tiny space. Please wait outside if there is someone already in the studio. Hopefully this restriction won't be too long.

For a contact tracing purpose, there will be a note to sign your name and phone number. If you are happy to do that, it is great. But it is not compulsory as the studio is not in a hospitality business.

Other than that, we are all good to go! Look forward to seeing you!

During the Level 3, while only online sales were allowed, I had much support from the customers. So I just want to say thank you for your support. I am determined to produce more work in the future.



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