New Leaf Earrings

new work

An amazing support from the team of New Zealand is received since last few months. The studio was visited by people from all different regions of New Zealand.  Thank you! 

Unfortunately, the community transmission is reappeared in Auckland again last week. This has resulted Auckland is currently in alert level 3 and the rest of New Zealand at level 2. Hoping we can eliminate the virus again from the country soon.

In warmer months ahead, the studio keeps making more of things and more of new work. These new amazingly light weighted glass leaf shaped earrings are showing popularity. Three different glass bars are fused in flame and squashed flat with a tool, then cast in an molten temperature. All shapes are very organic and individuals. 

These pairs are uploaded at the website. Please check these out! With this pandemic, the postage takes 3 times longer than usual. So please order in early if you are thinking for your birthday or a gift for some special.

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