10 Years in Business


Studio A & Co. will be 10 years old in June! Having started to making glass jewellery, the studio has been supported by many of local customers, tourists, friends and family. Started to create hand blown items have become very good sellers for the studio. Participating in Christchurch's finest Encraftment Market has opened even bigger markets in Canterbury. The business has grown to open online stores and now wholesale in some outlets in New Zealand. 

Last year, we all got hit by the pandemic. We were forced to close our businesses for 6 weeks. As soon as the level was eased, I had tremendous supports by many New Zealanders. The People are started to shop online and the People are started to travel around the country to support small businesses like mine. What an amazing country we live in!

Just wanted to say I am so thankful to you! I am also so touched you like and enjoy my creation. I still can make what I love because of these fantastic support and encouragement. 

For my thank you part, I would like my 3 mini bud vases and a set of pair of glass studs and a pendant to give away to my lovely customers. Go and check in my social media to enter, please! Comment on which one you would like and you will go in a draw. The winners will be notified on 10 June. 

mini colourful three bud vases in lineblue silvery heart shaped glass studs and pendant are display

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