A 10 Year Relationship


Any business is fortunate to have repeat business and Studio A & CO is no exception. We have many supportive customers who have encouraged me to create my ‘little pieces of art’ and who return regularly to buy new work. Recently I had a visit from one such customer. 

Susan, a long-time friend of Studio A & CO now lives in Brisbane. She has been wearing a one of my neckpieces for nearly 10 years. This is a necklace made with pastel coloured polka dot beads and hollow beads. Recently while on a return visit to New Zealand Susan dropped into the studio. 

To my surprise she mentioned she had not been wearing her favorite necklace. The clear hollow beads had, over time, become murky even though handled with a care. I was disappointed to hear that and she promised to bring it back to let me examine it and hopefully fix it for her.

When Susan brought it in I was able to see the effect and have since replaced the hollow beads. I now use a different type of glass and have a new method for creating this type of bead.  The finish is slightly different from the original one. Secretly I was little concerned that Susan would still love the piece but she does and it again plays an important part of her wardrobe.

It gives me real pleasure to see my art worn and valued for years and it is also wonderful to be able to assist great customers like Susan.

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