A Marriage of Glass and Sterling Silver

At this year’s Waikuku Artists Group exhibition my focus was on the marriage of glass and sterling silver jewellery. 

In particular I worked with a soft coloured glass matched with a brushed sterling silver chain. Silver ‘smithing’ is a new skill for me and I am really enjoying learning all I can. Now I am ready for a new challenge in this craft - working on tiny earring parts to be matched with tear drop-shaped glass. 

Philippa Sharplin from Waikuku Beach modelled this new piece for me and has also become the new owner of “Blue Clover”.

I had Philippa in mind when I made the work. She always looks immaculate with a soft and rustic style. Her lovely oval face and long neck compliment this long silver chain. It is always good to see my precious piece to find a good home.

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